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Tina Collier's Projects

This is my PacMen Game. For this MITxPro coding challenge, we were tasked with creating a game which allowed the player to factory make PacMen using a button. Then, we had to code another button that would make the PacMen move and bounce off the walls. As an extra challenge for myself, I made the PacMen chomp as they moved and face the direction of their movement. I used JavaScript to make my buttons functional, make the PacMen chomp, and face the PacMen in the direction they were moving. Check out my GitHub Repository for this project.

This is the One Eye Exercise. For this challenge, MITxPro provided us with an Eye program in which an "eye" followed the cursor around the page. We had to add a second eye and make it function the same way. First, I updated the HTML to include a second eye. Then, I adjusted the JavaScript to make the second eye follow the cursor like the first eye. Check out this repository on my GitHub.

This is my Real Time Boston Bus Tracker. For this coding challenge, I created a map that tracks the current locations of the buses on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority website using markers. The map updates the bus real time locations of each bus every 15 seconds. I used the Map Box GL JavaScript library to display a Boston map and JavaScript to populate the markers and update bus locations. Visit this repository and try it out.

If you would like to see more work, visit my GitHub profile.